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I will definitely agree it meets wicked cool!

I'd love to see Jean Boudin join in on that song.

Thanks for sharing!

Nuala Thomson




JA!  Wouldn’t that be cool!  We get some of these guys who are guitar machines, then see if we can get the actual machine to take the signals from the carbon unit by rigging her guitar with electric pickups.  Then the silicon unit could hear what the carbon unit is playing and try to match the style and key signature, as we used to do in jam sessions.  It would fun to see if we could write a program which would pick up on carbon’s style, perhaps learn her licks and such.  Oh it would be crazy fun!  Have a jam sesh with a computer while the software learns.  The carbon unit would be getting better too, from practicing.  So in a sense a computer and a human would be simultaneously programming each other.


Is this a great time to be living or what?  {8^D




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