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Thu Mar 20 19:05:28 UTC 2014

Wow! I'm gonna send her another card. :)  She sounds so
far out of my league she's plumb out of sight, but it must
be hard to lose your firstlove specialty. Damn.

It's funny that way, though. I had a friend who loved
singing, she got throat cancer and they removed her
larynx. My cousin was a watercolor artist and went blind.

Some folks just turn their face to the wall and shut down.
Others get up and hop to it, finding some new specialty.
What makes that happen?

Thanks for the update, spike. :)


> Good news for those who sent best wishes and get well
> notes to Dr.
> Lajeunesse.  I heard back from my buddy this morning, the
> guy who put
> together the poster with our greetings:
> . that Christine, Dr. Lajeunesse.  She is one tuff and
> determined chick.was
> working on her black-belt and ran a marathon in China,
> even.  The 12-gage
> buck-shot round went through her forearm and into her
> belly just above her
> navel.  No one can figure out why she is alive.and as of
> the Sunday she was
> her for breakfast, she looked amazingly great, and was
> walking up to 4-miles
> a day.  Her right arm is permanently crippled and she'll
> never do
> surgery-her first love-again.being right-handed, she can't
> write, even.  She
> was over on Sunday before last, and had further surgery
> the following day,
> Monday.to take bone material from her femur so to replace
> the missing bone
> in her right forearm.  She had an email sent to me later
> that Monday, saying
> it was successful and she was awake.Bob
> Thanks again for all those who sent notes and greetings in
> Dr. Lajeunesse'
> time of trouble.  She and I were working on an invention
> when the shooting
> happened, so if someday you have a lodged kidney stone and
> they blast it
> with an excimer laser, you sent get-well wishes to its
> co-inventor, when she
> needed best wishes the most.
> spike
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