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For now, gas and oil fracking is a nearly ideal solution. It's just great,
what those people have done. We should thank them.

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> > I have to say all this doesn't exactly give me confidence that I should
> bet
> > my life on the fact that although they make lousy 17 year predictions
> > climate models make wonderful 100 year predictions.
> It doesn't matter or effect what we should be doing one bit.  Running
> out of cheap energy is far more serious than climate.  It will hit
> sooner and cause more problems, including human deaths, than the worse
> climate predictions.
> What we need is at least one really cheap and abundant source of
> energy.  It can't be carbon based because there isn't enough left that
> can be obtained at a low enough price.  Ground solar and wind will not
> do it because there is no apparent way to get the cost down low
> enough.
> Here is a dumbed down version of my thoughts on how to solve the problem.
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5iotdmmTJQsSzVYQ2Q0YUtCMERRczdYSXMtUWphUl92aHFN/edit?usp=sharing
> Keith
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