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>…This looks like a done deal to me and what we have to urge the law to do is to stop insurance companies from using the data to exclude people  You can't stop dedicated hackers…


Indeed not sir.  Technology can run circles around any system of law.  Technological change is accelerating while legal change is slowing.  We cannot depend on law to help stop insurance companies from using this information. 

Just back from Basel. At the conference a representative of a major reinsurance company gave a talk that mentioned Aubrey de Grey, cell repair nanobots and many other things we like in positive terms. She was unfazed by the genetics issues: genes are weaker indicators of future health than actual behaviour, and thanks to the quantified self it looks like we might be getting "pay as you behave" insurance instead. This is not something the insurance companies are directly driving, but rather government health insurance - there was a fair bit of debate in Germany a while back about differentiating between smokers and nonsmokers and obese and non-obese in healthcare costing. But her view was that thanks to life monitoring gadgets and ongoing monitoring one could make premiums dynamic, just like for cars - drive your body safely and premiums go down, take risks with it, and they go up. 

(I found an eye-in-the-pyramid graffiti tag on a street wall - a gang sign from the Bavarian Illuminati that they are encroaching on the turf of the Gnomes of Zürich? Basel, thanks to the Bank for International Settlements, is after all their *real* headquarters. They even have a nifty 70s skyscraper. )

Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University
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