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>...That makes it sound as though you no longer have a problem. If he
changes his site and email passwords, then the cousin will no longer have

Ja.  We don't know what to do about this, but the site and archive passwords
have been passed to another cousin who is a bit more... hmmm what's the
word?...  Sane.

>...It is a good idea to put a list of signons and passwords in your will
folder, where nobody looks until after your death...

Roger that, thanks.

>...Now you need to have a discussion about email backups, so that deleted
stuff can be restored.
(Ask the IRS for advice). :)  BillK

BillK, the IRS email files have been found.  The news of that came out
Friday while the colonies were distracted by several other big stories, the
ice storms, the delayed grand jury verdict on that cop who slew the fleeing
felon in St. Louis, the result of which is now widespread riots, our
Secretary of Defense being fired, and of course the usual weekend news
clutter, the epic football catch which was totally cool even for those of us
who scarcely know the difference between a football and an aardvark:


Even I, the uber-geek non-sports guy, freely admit that one in a jillion
catch was epic as all hell, and I do completely understand if the cheering
drowns out the news of the missing email being recovered.  

It will take months to comb thru that IRS email, and even then, we don't
know if someone hasn't already done exactly that, for we have no independent
metadata to compare.  The recovered email files might have already been


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