[ExI] Impact of reduced costs to Alcor members

Max More max at maxmore.com
Tue Sep 16 18:41:31 UTC 2014

At this year’s annual meeting, Alcor reduced membership dues (for those not
receiving discounts) by 10% and also waived the $180/year CMS fee for those
with cryopreservation funding at least $20,000 over current minimums. For
many members, that means a reduction in membership costs by $240 per year
(31% reduction).

The CMS waiver should be especially helpful to members young enough to get
cheap life insurance. The cost of the extra insurance will be very low for
younger members, making the CMS waiver option attractive.

Older members may find additional life insurance expensive or impossible to
get. Many of these members will instead benefit from the new alternative
funding policy. They will be able to use assets such as real estate, 401(k)
plans, and bequests to fund up to half of their cryopreservation minimums.

Overseas members, who can also enjoy lower costs from the above changes,
additionally benefit from the reduction in the overseas surcharge.

Details of these four cost-lowering changes are here:


Max More, PhD
Strategic Philosopher
Co-editor, *The Transhumanist Reader*
President & CEO, Alcor Life Extension Foundation
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