[ExI] Alcor membership reaches 1000

Max More max at maxmore.com
Fri Sep 26 21:36:08 UTC 2014

On September 24, 2014, Alcor’s membership reached 1000 for the first time.
This is the first time any cryonics organization has had this many members
with full financial and contractual arrangements for cryopreservation.
(Counting all classes of members, total membership is 1255.)

This represents a tiny fraction of the population of the United States and
an even smaller fraction of global population. Alcor and other cryonics
organizations have a very long way to go until they have persuaded a
substantial portion of the population to make cryonics arrangements. Even
so, this is a milestone worth noting and celebrating.

I suspect there are a fair number of people on this email list who accept
that cryonics makes sense but haven't yet taken practical action. Let me
point out the easy, inexpensive, and important step of Associate Membership:


Max More, PhD
Strategic Philosopher
Co-editor, *The Transhumanist Reader*
President & CEO, Alcor Life Extension Foundation
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