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2156 Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hello all:

Anders might not mention this out of modesty, so I will do it for him.

1) Search the archives for some old (~1999) discussions of "Big Ideas,
Grand Vision" an unpublished RPG by Dr. Sandberg

2) Go see Dr. Sandberg's pages on role-playing games at
http://www.aleph.se/Nada/game.html. InfoWar I like best, and it has aged

3) Search the web for his work on 2300AD, Eclipse Phase, and his published
Cites on the Edge supplement for Transhuman Space.

Finally, go back to Noble Knight Games and look up the board games "Attack
Vector: Tactical" and "High Frontier." The latter has some transhumanist
elements, and both belong very much to the hard SF school of play. Once
done, research the various setting books for EABA from Greg Porter.

P.S.: There was also a War Against the Chtorr GURPS book.

P.P.S.: That convention seems like a good idea!

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