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>…Getting AI to be safe and "fit for purpose" (whether driving or being a companion species) is slowly becoming mainstream. This list can in true hipster fashion claim to have debated it long before it became cool. ..Anders Sandberg
Wait, what?  It’s cool now?  It seems every time I try to discuss AI with normal people I am met with either vague or overt negativity and even hostility toward the whole notion.  The one exception is self-driving cars: everyone wants that, nearly everyone.  The professional drivers don’t, but the rest of us do.

Oh, I meant "mainstream" among the people who actually do stuff. Most normals just respond to the world, but they do not seek to change it much except locally around themselves. I think the key distinction is between the people who think there are some kind of rules of how things work, and those who think the rules can be updated. The update might just be adding a new gizmo, or wholesale singularity/revolution. 

(The letter is an example of people in the AI field trying to change the rules by shifting where the field is going.)

One of the key things with AI is that it is just AI when it is not working well. Then it becomes automation. So most people have reason to distrust AI, but they trust Google, Siri, big logistics systems, airline bookings, and Segways - if they even think about them. To most, they are just props in a predefined world. To us, they are stepping stones to an ever stranger world. 

Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University
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