[ExI] what is this?

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Jul 2 15:23:50 UTC 2015

On 2 July 2015 at 15:11, spike  wrote:

>>... Thanks BillK.  I have no idea how I ended up with a Bulgarian How-To

>...I think I do.  :)

>...No - not that reason!   ;)

No it wasn't that.  This particular How-To site has nothing about how to do

>...panterraweb.com used to be the website for Damien Broderick...

Oh ja, I used to go over there occasionally.  I got a note from Damien about
a few months ago; he was with Barbara in Texas.  All was well with him.

>...The Bulgarian site was first registered in November 2011.
So probably Damien let his website registration lapse and someone else liked
the name.

>...There are other more devious possibilities, but that's the

NO!  There are no other possibilities!  NONE!  No way Jose, not.  Never did
that, didn't even google on it.  BillK's Damien Broderick theory is ALL
THERE IS to see here, move along.


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