[ExI] digital resurrection of a genome

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>>…Suppose a guy is married three times and has at least a couple (but as many as four) girlfriends on the side, and it becomes apparent that he is the father of at least 25 children…In theory, with sufficient persistence and determination, those descendants could …reconstruct the entire genome of the long-perished prolific ancestor.


>…What happens if any of the guy's genes did not make it into anyone still alive at the time of comparison?  (Most simply, one gene happening in all 25 cases to not make it into the fertilizing sperm.) 



I don’t know Adrian.  Do we have any hipsters in that area? 


Are there any computer sims we might reference?  I should know this, but I don’t.  Oh the shame, the ignominy is nearly more than I can bear.


In this particular case, we think at least 20 of the offspring have living descendants, and of those, at least 16 offspring have descendants who have done a DNA test.  We have a buttload of data on this guy at least one famous descendant (Chuck Yeager) and possibly a second ( John Forbes Nash (may he rest in peaceful equilibrium (haven’t been able to confirm it.)))



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