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>…A century ago, it was quite possible for a guy to have fathered 25 children with just 2 sequential wives and no mistresses. Not sure if that’s at all relevant. 


Tara Maya




Ja.  Leading theory is that there were nine by the first wife (I am descended from the 6th of 9) six by the second wife, four by the third, then (we think) two by each of two mistresses and two others by two others, for a total of 25 offspring by seven women, over a period of 45 years.


It seems so unfair, life is so cruel.  One guy had so much of whatever it is, the women would scarcely let him get out of bed.  He wasn’t rich or famous, just extremely popular.  His own great great grandson inherited so little of that whatever that is, it just don’t seem right.  Ain’t fittin, it ain’t fittin.  Tragic.


So another thing: if we compare the oldest of his offspring to his youngest, and find any common segments the descendants of the oldest to the descendants of the youngest, we might be able to determine how often haplogroup mutations occur, ja?  We have a known DNA sample from the grandson of the oldest of the 25.  We have the genealogy but not a DNA sample from the youngest.  I am trying to decide if it is worth 100 bucks to me to try to get a sample from the grandchildren of the youngest, on the outside chance they would share sufficient segments with the grandson of the eldest.


I need a genetic hipster to guide me before I start dealing out Benjies on such a whimsical notion.




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