[ExI] digital resurrection of a genome

frank mcelligott frankmac at ripco.com
Fri Jul 3 17:49:24 UTC 2015

I recall a case in Baltimore Maryland, where a Doctor in a fertility clinic substituted his sperm, instead of using donated male sperm. He did this deed to over 200 woman's eggs which went to term and gave birth to healthy babies. I did not follow the court case, but I know they were seeking the clinics records to warn those who shared these same genes. 

Real life is not a whim, it has already happened Spike.

A robot just killed a worker in a VW plant. Picked him up and crushed him against a wall,

Does this event, a black swan, make rule I obsolete, "do no harm to humans". And second whom do we take to trial, the robot or his maker.

Lastly the founder of Apple who still lives, has mused that as soon as Robots develop A/I the human race will become the robot's pets. Given this list idea that we will be all killed, I think I like the idea, as if the robots treat me like I treat my cat, that is so much better that termination.
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