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>...There are other more devious possibilities, but that's the 

NO!  There are no other possibilities!  NONE!  No way Jose, not.  Never did 
that, didn't even google on it.  BillK's Damien Broderick theory is ALL 
THERE IS to see here, move along. 

>…No new-found  interest in heavy metal music?

Anders Sandberg…



Um… SURE that’s it, heavy metal.  Took it up recently with a passion.  Nothing to do with any Bulgarian blue samovars.  I know nothing about those.  The young people are doing them these days, but not I.  It was just something I saw on Darknet and didn’t even read the article, or not much of it.  So no.  Metal.  Found a really good album, by Pat Boone, called In a Metal Mood, featuring his cover of Alice Cooper’s No More Mr. Nice Guy and other rock favorites:






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