[ExI] Why we are teaching science wrong, and how to make it right

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> Spike, education is very progressive, if you define that as getting into
> new things.  Trouble is, the quality of the research they do is poor to
> very poor.  I have been to educational research conferences to see some of
> my students present papers (as it is the easiest venue - harder at
> psychology conferences), and the level is just shocking (not the students,
> the professors/researchers).  The questions after a paper presentation are
> almost always laudatory and hardly even critical.  Of course I had to try
> to nail some of them on poor research and never got a good response.
> Mostly they didn't seem to know what I was talking about.
> So a lot of bad theory gets into classroom teaching when in fact they were
> better off doing what they were doing.  They just love new theories and
> don't seem to care much about the backbones of it.
> I'd like to see some of what you found.
> I won't speak to Spike's claim about the military, but it seems like
> you're focusing on content -- what's taught -- rather than pedagogical
> method -- how it's taught. The article offered that the latter needs to
> change and that certain methods are much better at getting students to
> understand the content.
> Regards,
> Dan

​Actually the bad theories I mentioned are about how to teach, not what​

​.  I think K-12 teacher have little input into content.That is decided at
the state level.

They went through a period where they thought that different students
needed different methods:  more visually oriented students need the visual,
and so forth.  Turns out it really did not matter.​  Why did they not find
this out before they instituted it in the classrooms?  Poor research.  As I
have said, probably more than once, educators love theories.  Vast amounts
of supporting data?  Not so much.

bill w

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