[ExI] Why we are teaching science wrong, and how to make it right

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> Spike, education is very progressive, if you define that as getting into new things.  Trouble is, the quality of the research they do is poor to very poor.  I have been to educational research conferences to see some of my students present papers (as it is the easiest venue - harder at psychology conferences), and the level is just shocking (not the students, the professors/researchers).  The questions after a paper presentation are almost always laudatory and hardly even critical.  Of course I had to try to nail some of them on poor research and never got a good response.  Mostly they didn't seem to know what I was talking about.
> So a lot of bad theory gets into classroom teaching when in fact they were better off doing what they were doing.  They just love new theories and don't seem to care much about the backbones of it.
> I'd like to see some of what you found.

I won't speak to Spike's claim about the military, but it seems like you're focusing on content -- what's taught -- rather than pedagogical method -- how it's taught. The article offered that the latter needs to change and that certain methods are much better at getting students to understand the content.


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