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>..Detecting and measuring bees would work well with


>...Oslo builds world's first bumblebee highway...-- David.


Cool thanks David.  

This gave me an idea.  Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste: we
have this severe California drought.  The governor is urging us to let our
lawns die this year (some are doing it (I am.))  We could urge proles to get
rid of the stupid useless grass, replace it with something that feeds bees.
Replace even a tenth of the lawns with bee-friendly flowers, think of all
the benefits: less water usage, more color, more variety, more bugs and
bees, a better migratory path for those passing thru, less noise from
mowers, lots of benefits.

For anyone still buying honey, whoa!  Have you seen the prices lately,
woooohaaaah!  Don't buy that stuff, don't eat it.  The beekeepers don't need
your patronage at all; farmers are paying them to park their bees in their
crops.  Eat jelly instead por favor; that can't be good to take the honey
away from the bees, and never mind how filthy is the extraction process.  If
you saw it first hand, you wouldn't touch the stuff.  Solution: don't touch
the stuff.  Don't make me put you on moderation for eating honey.  And plant
some bee-friendly stuff in your yard if you have one.  They love
honeysuckle, zinnia, asters, clover, marigolds, bee balm, coriander, fennel
and such as that, lavender is a great choice, get a good mixture of early
bloomers and late; all those will grow with very little attention or

Everyone here who has a yard, I want to hear that place buzzing, but not
with mowers.


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