[ExI] Pigeons offend Islam

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sun Jun 7 14:45:22 UTC 2015

Il 06/06/2015 22:29, Adrian Tymes ha scritto:
> On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 12:17 PM, David Lubkin <lubkin at unreasonable.com
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> Not so much.  There is a property of being Islamic, that ISIS uses to
> claim moral superiority.  A broad self-applied definition of said term
> would have no basis for said moral superiority; rather, it is whether it
> acts in ways in accordance with what most other recognized Muslims
> define as being Islamic.

>     My approach is to assume that a self-definition I'm presented with
>     is true, excluding absurdities. If you tell me you're Islamic or a
>     musician, I'll adopt a working assumption that you are. If you tell
>     me you're Thomas Edison or a jelly bean, I'll assume you aren't.

> That's the thing.  Has ISIS gotten to the point of such an absurdity now?

Maybe, just maybe, someone have contemplated the possibility of Islam
being what ISIS say it is and are the other so called Muslims the ones
not taking Islam seriously?

Because, if you read all the ruling of Islamic law doctors (aka Mullah)
in the present and in the past, you see there is madnedd all over the place.
Does someone dared to read Ayatollah Khomeini book of Islamic Rulings?

Remember Islam is a bunch of legal ruling from the start and a few
exhortations. It has all the madness of all government legal codes
interpreted literally by humans lawyers.


"A child who has not reached puberty is impure if his parents and
grandparents are not Muslims, but if he has one Muslim in his
ancestry he is pure."

Any man or woman who denies the existence of Allah, or believes in
His partners [the Christian Trinity], or else does not believe in His
Prophet Muhammad, is impure (in the same way as are excrement,
urine, dog, and wine). He is so even if he doubts any one of these

A Muslim who insults one of the Twelve Imams or declares himself
their enemy is impure.

The pus of a healing wound is pure, provided one can be sure it is
not mixed with blood.

One must avoid giving the Qur’an to an infidel; it is even
recommended that it be forcibly taken away from him if he already
has it in his hands.

If a woman sees blood flowing from her vagina for more than three
days and less than ten days, and is not sure whether this is
menstrual blood or blood from an abscess, she must attempt to
introduce a piece of cotton into her vagina and then withdraw it. If
the blood runs out on the left side, it is menstrual blood; if on the
right side, it is from the abscess.

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