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Thank you for responding. This is precisely what I wanted to hear because in gathering data this morning, it makes Russia look like it is on par with some of the world’s leading countries. For example, In 2014, Moscow held the International Conference on “Biotechnolgy and Quality of Life”, in 2015 “Biotechnology: State of the Art and Prospect of  Development” and in 2016, “Biotechnology in the economic development regions”. In 2015, Germany and Russia organized the 3rd Russian-German Forum on BioTech2015 on microbiology, gene engineering, biomedicine, and environmental biotechnology.  But the world leading countries are not Russia or the US. They are Malasia, India, Canada, Italy and Brazil.  According to one report, Russia ranks 18 out 50 of the most innovative countries in the world. In 2015, the top countries in Europe are the UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Czech Republic.


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As far as it appears, the state of biotechnology and medical technology in Russia is terrible (I include some references in Russian, as they were easier to find). Some examples:


Most foreign biomedical technology was banned for import into Russia (by the Russians themselves), and now new Russian analogs are being developed (understandably of inferior quality) and tested on the Russian population.




The use of any embryonic stem cells was banned by the government




The law was passed to ban the use of any form of GMO in agriculture.




The “Dynasty Foundation” that supported a lot of Russian science, especially biomedical science, was recently branded as “Foreign Agent”




Many hospitals and medical research institutes (including gerontological research institutes) have been closed:




There were some reports about some interesting biotechnological developments in Russia, such as tissue 3D printing, and some other great science done by heroic Russian scientists against all odds… Yet, overall it does not seem to be a very favorable place for development…



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Does anyone know about the advances in biotechnology in Russia today and its future?  Are the regulations still more flexible than in the US and elsewhere?


Any knowledge you can impart is appreciated!


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