[ExI] Machine Intelligence and Religion

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> I came late to reading /. and am about to give up on it.  But this
> caught my eye.
> Machine Intelligence and Religion
> Posted by Soulskill on Thursday February 26, 2015 @12:48PM
> from the i'm-sorry-dave,-god-can't-let-you-do-that dept.
> itwbennett writes:
> Earlier this month Reverend Dr. Christopher J. Benek raised eyebrows
> on the Internet by stating his belief that Christians should seek to
> convert Artificial Intelligences to Christianity if and when they
> become autonomous. Of course that's assuming that robots are born
> atheists, not to mention that there's still a vast difference between
> what it means to be autonomous and what it means to be human. On the
> other hand, suppose someone did endow a strong AI with emotion –
> encoded, say, as a strong preference for one type of experience over
> another, coupled with the option to subordinate reasoning to that
> preference upon occasion or according to pattern. what ramifications
> could that have for algorithmic decision making?
> ​He's just looking for publicity since AIs cannot possibly tithe!  bill w​

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