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Note that one can continue this chain, with a smarter exception handler for every level. The upper 1-2 levels would be the original Old Ones or their singleton. The smarter something is, the harder it is to ensure reliability and loyalty (unless we succeed with FAI very well), but it doesn't have to be used as much. I think it is likely the total amount of processing-hours performed on different levels declines exponentially with height in this model.

### Imagine being the apex of this pyramid of death-dealers: Spending millions of years in dreamless slumber, undying, only rising to the chant of "Anders fhtagn" , to preside over the destruction of the smartest exceptions, erasing their hopes of a day in the sun, over and over again.

We bow before Anders, who is become the destroyer of worlds :)

Hahahaha! Don't worry, I will carefully archive them. Somewhere in *that* MBrain... no, I mean the other one. Oh, so that is where I put the Virgo Cluster...

BTW, I just bought the complete works of HP Lovecraft, for mere $ 0.99. Hail Amazon!

I just went by HP Lovecraft Square ten minutes ago! There was a big sign for a blood drive there, which seems very fitting. 

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