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> Well now, here's a thing:  I read awhile back that the genetic diversity
> was far greater in African villages than it was in the entire USA.  I don't
> know how to interpret that, but clearly the genes are there for all kinds
> of diversity including intellectual.

### That does not seem to be the case. Standard deviations of IQ among
Africans are not grossly different from other groups.


> As you point out, tests for people who have little to do with modern
> society are highly suspect at best.  I did see some data where only
> nonverbal tests were used in Africa (not specifically with pygmies) that
> showed that the nonverbal skills were comparable with ours.

### IQ tests are valid predictors of academic achievement (for which they
were invented) among all major groups tested. Nonverbal tests such as
progressive matrices do not show scores comparable with ours among black
Africans (ranging from 60s' to 80s, among dozens of studies), although
overall they tend to have a lower g-loading if used among Africans than
among whites (0.55 vs 0.8).

> Also, you can't compare African data with USA Afro-American data.  There
> are many reasons given for the white-black IQ discrepancy here and I think
> it's just not known what factors are responsible.  The liberals will put it
> down to environment and the conservatives to nature.

### Yes, you can compare the data and IQ among black Americans is on
average higher than among African blacks (85 vs 70's).

> Wackiest theory:  the Afros who were picked up by the black and white
> traders were below average to begin with.

### You would need to explain why American blacks have now higher scores
than African blacks.

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