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> According to a very old National Geographic article I read on gold, it makes a REALLY fine frying pan. Cooked eggs to perfection according to the author. Gold is valuable not just as a store of value, but because it has such interesting properties. The usefulness can only go up as nanotechnology uses it to its fullest potential.
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>> Of course, it's guesswork. Bringing back a million tonnes of, say, gold would do what to the price of gold in Earth? (Of course, presuming demand doesn't rise so high to stabilize it at the current price. I do think a larger supply of gold (or cobalt or whatever) would stimulate more and further uses.)
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Hence my parenthetic comment. Yes, more gold will almost certainly find more uses, but my guess is even with those, the price will still plummet. One can make a similar observation about computers. Early uses were constrained by high price and limited availability. But as the supply increased (or one could talk about the supply of computing power), even with this increased usage this didn't lead to computers staying at the same price.

By the way, gold is already (and has been) used as more than a store of value -- and I don't just mean to make baubles. It's already used in electronics, medicine, dentistry, and certain other applications. 


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