[ExI] any dispute?

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Tue May 12 10:25:05 UTC 2015

Il 09/05/2015 17:00, William Flynn Wallace ha scritto:
> According to The Week, the Wall Street Journal has reacted to the
> Chinese germline change attempts:
> "Another danger is that the technique will be used to engineer offspring
> to your liking - say, to produce a 6'2" blond, blue eyed son with a 150
> IQ.  That's why it's imperative that scientists and the public establish
> 'widespread agreement about what is desirable' - before it's too late."

I would be scared by a blond, blue eyed, 150 IQ Chinese or Nigerian son
(of someone else). I don't know why, but surely in a dark alley at night
the 150 Iq would scare me a lot.

I note no one noted the writer wrote about sons and not daughters.

Would a 6'2" blond, blue eyed Chinese or Nigerian daughter (of someone
else) scare me or someone else? Why? And if not why no?

Apart for the implicit racism of singling out just blonds and blue eyes
people with 150 IQ, why so much hate for males and not for the females?

> That blond kid really sounds dangerous to me.  bill w

The blond kid with 150 IQ is a lot more difficult to exploit than the
black or Latinos with 80 IQ.
The leftist white elite (mainly in academia and in the infotainment
sector) would have a very difficult time to exploit someone with 150 IQ
whatever be their skin or eye color, sex or ethnicity.

This is the reason they fear germ-line modification. It make their
position untenable. They would need to work or fight to keep their jobs
and social status. What a concept.

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