[ExI] The End of Meaningful Work

Ivor Peter Brians ipbrians at simplyweb.net
Wed May 20 14:24:13 UTC 2015

> On Tue, 19 May 2015 BillK wrote:
> A world with few jobs? What are billions of humans going to do?
> One obvious answer is to fight with each other. At least it's
> something to do that gives a sense of achievement to the survivors.
> Mass medication to tranquilise populations?
> The next generation are going to have to face some tricky problems.
> BillK

Regarding the making of war if we have nothing else to do, 
yes that seems to be in our nature. And as advancing technology frees us and gives us new opportunities we will  have to move beyond much of our nature and self-direct our evolution.

Many of our current challenges reach back eventually to our evolutionary biological roots. Just one example; our capacity for war stems from our propensity to form groups (tribes) and to compete with others for scarce resources. This was just one of the strategies in DNA's arsenal which assured fitness and survival but obviously in today's world, it works against us.


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