[ExI] The End of Meaningful Work

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Wed May 20 17:05:28 UTC 2015

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Subject: Re: [ExI] The End of Meaningful Work

> On Tue, 19 May 2015 BillK wrote:
>>... A world with few jobs? What are billions of humans going to do?
> One obvious answer is to fight with each other. ...> BillK

>...Regarding the making of war if we have nothing else to do, yes that
seems to be in our nature. And as advancing technology frees us and gives us
new opportunities we will  have to move beyond much of our nature and
self-direct our evolution...Ivor


So now we can be thankful for nukes.  They take all the fun and glory out of
warfare.  It takes most of the profit, because it doesn't really employ many
war-machine contractors.  It doesn't make for courageous heroes; all it
takes is one guy pushing a button and the rest is automated.  It destroys
the resources over which wars were fought in times past.  We can be honest
with ourselves enough to recognize that for those mostly spared from the
horrors of warfare (politicians ordering others to their deaths for
instance) there was plenty of profit in war.  We now have a US presidential
candidate who apparently profited mightily from war.

Nukes take most of that away.  They take the fun and profit, leaving only
horrifying mortality, destroyed culture and devastated radioactive
wastelands unlikely to be desired by anyone for generations.  Nobody wants
that.  Thank evolution for nukes, for they are the real peacemakers.


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