[ExI] What would an IQ of 500 or 1000 look like?

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Mon May 25 17:55:01 UTC 2015

Spike wrote:

>perhaps the most important: making appear an endless supply of dog food.
>The humans can solve so many problems, but we cannot manage what every dog
>can do: identify people and beasts by sniffing them.
>Being fed every day from cans, domestic dogs soon lose the instincts to hunt
>in packs and survive in the wild.
>Imagine an advanced AI which figures out how to do a lot of things we still
>haven't mastered, but still lacks some basic skill common to nearly all
>humans.  They want to keep the humans as pets, to do for them something
>analogous to what dogs do for humans.  Long before the software becomes AI
>(in any sense) it takes over some basic tasks.  Humans no longer need to
>master those tasks, so we (like domestic dogs) soon lose the collective
>ability.  I see evidence of collective ability slipping away everywhere.

Dogs are our partners. Family, in a way that other species aren't. A 
dog follows a gaze or pointed finger where a chimp doesn't.

I like the theory that partnering with dogs led to our becoming 
human. When we could rely on their sense of smell, we no longer 
needed the neural circuitry other species have. It was available to 
be re-purposed for increasing intelligence.

(I'm not sure how good the evidence is but if it's false, I'll still 
want to pretend it's true. Dogs are family.)

We often do let dogs' abilities slip away. But it's wonderful seeing 
a dog's joy and apparent pride at working.

I do not hope that we become AIs' beloved pets. I'd be fine with our 
becoming their symbiotic partners. Whether as senior, junior, or peers TBD.

-- David.

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