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>>…It is clear enough to me that humanity’s path to survival is figuring out some kind of renewable energy source, such as Keith’s space based system and a massive simultaneous ground-based effort.  We would somehow turn the war machine to the new task of manufacturing solar panels by the jillions, and somehow turn the legal machine to sweeping away restrictions keeping us from blanketing huge swaths of desert with ground-based solar facilities.



​>…So, what is to make anyone in the future curb population? 


The usual suspects: starvation and war.


>… If your answers hold, then the population will grow more and more until we have to build cities underground and on the ocean…


No.  We aren’t lacking for room, we are limited by energy.  Building cities underground and on the sea doesn’t solve the problem.


>…  How many people are enough?  50 billion?


I doubt we can carry 50 billion.  They would kill and devour us long before we get to 50 billion.


>…  What is going to make people stop?


The usual suspects?


>… More is not better…


​Agreed.  I just don’t see a clear path to prevent it.





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