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CA: Senate committee to hear "Right to Try" bill

By  <http://stateofreform.com/author/jon/> Jon Brumbach ,
te-committee-to-hear-right-to-try-bill/> June 12, 2015


SACRAMENTO - The Senate Health committee will consider legislation that
would streamline access to experimental treatments for terminally ill
patients.  <http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billHistoryClient.xhtml>
AB 159, also known as the "Right to Try Act", would allow manufacturers to
provide, and physicians to prescribe, a drug, biological product, or device
not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when the patient
has a serious or immediate life-threatening condition. Insurance carriers
would have the option to cover such treatments, but are not required to do




Cool!  When I had a terminal family member I started a thread on this.  If
we already know what will happen if they stay the course, and we have a
willing patient, why not try some wacky theoretical medication or therapy?
Document carefully what was taken and what happened.  We create an online
database of some sort, then let a million amateur dataminers try to find a
pattern.  That way we shuffle off this mortal coil at least contributing
something to humanity, even if it is just one more negative data point.


It is easy to imagine a guy with only months to live (and good indications
those months will suck) saying to his bride:  We should try something,
anything.  Hell Mary, we know what happens if we do nothing.



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