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CA: Senate committee to hear "Right to Try" bill

By  <http://stateofreform.com/author/jon/> Jon Brumbach ,
te-committee-to-hear-right-to-try-bill/> June 12, 2015


SACRAMENTO - The Senate Health committee will consider legislation that
would streamline access to experimental treatments for terminally ill
patients.  <http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billHistoryClient.xhtml>
AB 159, also known as the "Right to Try Act", .patient has a serious or
immediate life-threatening condition .




>.Cool!  .  We should try something, anything.  Hell Mary, we know what
happens if we do nothing. spike


Imagine a public database with a description of the (anonymized) patient's
condition, as many metrics as we can get, a list of therapies being used and
the results.  Imagine another public database where anyone can donate an
idea for treating one of the Hell Mary patients, perhaps along with a
hypothetical line of reasoning for why that should be tried.


Example, imagine someone suggested taro root for a terminal prostate cancer
patient, reasoning that the yang overpowered the yin and taro is
simultaneously a yinizing agent and yangosuppressant according to health
guru Dr. Nick Riviera.  Disregard.  


But if it says try the extract from the wild palmetto berry because the
local indigenous population were eating the berries for that purpose back
when the Europeans arrived and shot them for being too slow to confess their
sins and accept Christianity, well hmmmm, that might be worth a Hell Mary
play, especially after the medics have given up.


The follow-up will be to document what was used and how the patient did
after that.  Then we figure out some kind of numerical code for each
treatment used and in what quantities, along with a numerically coded
outcome metric.  We need to create a numerical system for everything, for
which we need the medics' help (I have no idea how to create metrics for the
outcome of a drug or therapy (a 1-0 scale for patient lived or died won't
work (not enough resolution.)))  


Then we do a distributed background computing project where we do a Fourier
calculus of variation style analysis, looking for any pattern anywhere, such
as the taro root eaters perished in 68 days whereas the palmetto berry
devourers lasted 97 days after correcting for other factors.  


We distribute the computing task over a jillion computers because the
calculation task is enormous in multivariate calculus of variation.  It
chooses one factor to compare, the taro vs palmetto for instance, and finds
all the ways to compare all other known factors by trial and error.  This is
the kind of analysis that cannot be done without enormous computing
capacity, so it is a new-ish capability we have today, enabled by the
internet and all these high-powered computers sitting around doing nothing
99% of the time even while we are using them.





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