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On 2015-10-23 21:35, spike wrote:
> As I read over some of the transcripts of the congressional hearings 
> about the attack on the US embassy in Libya, a big question keeps 
> coming to mind: why do we need ambassadors?
Ever tried to get a US visa or citizenship?

The US insists on people physically showing up for interviews in order 
to prove that they are the people they claim to be, to have biometrics 
taken, and respond to questions without coaching.

Of course, embassies do much more. The Vienna Convention states:
> The functions of a diplomatic mission consist, inter alia, in 
> representing the sending State in the receiving State; protecting in 
> the receiving State the interests of the sending State and of its 
> nationals, within the limits permitted by international law; 
> negotiating with the Government of the receiving State; ascertaining 
> by all lawful means conditions and developments in the receiving 
> State, and reporting thereon to the Government of the sending State; 
> promoting friendly relations between the sending State and the 
> receiving State, and developing their economic, cultural and 
> scientific relations.
Note the clause about protecting nationals within international law, 
ascertaining and reporting on what is going on, as well as promoting 
relations. Many embassies are nexuses of social activity of expats and 

Sure, one could do this without a central office. But economies of scale 
(and defence) apply.

Dr Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford Martin School
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