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> On 2015-10-23 21:35, spike wrote:
> As I read over some of the transcripts of the congressional hearings about
> the attack on the US embassy in Libya, a big question keeps coming to mind:
> why do we need ambassadors?
> Ever tried to get a US visa or citizenship?
> The US insists on people physically showing up for interviews in order to
> prove that they are the people they claim to be, to have biometrics taken,
> and respond to questions without coaching.
> Of course, embassies do much more. The Vienna Convention states:
> The functions of a diplomatic mission consist, inter alia, in representing
> the sending State in the receiving State; protecting in the receiving State
> the interests of the sending State and of its nationals, within the limits
> permitted by international law; negotiating with the Government of the
> receiving State; ascertaining by all lawful means conditions and
> developments in the receiving State, and reporting thereon to the
> Government of the sending State; promoting friendly relations between the
> sending State and the receiving State, and developing their economic,
> cultural and scientific relations.
> Note the clause about protecting nationals within international law,
> ascertaining and reporting on what is going on, as well as promoting
> relations. Many embassies are nexuses of social activity of expats and
> business.
> Sure, one could do this without a central office. But economies of scale
> (and defence) apply.
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> ​Why don't companies do selling and negotiations, and any other business
> by video conferences​
> ​? Why must we fill the airplanes with business people?  One reason is to
> make things personal (huge reason).  Another is to be able to read
> emotional expressions and body language of your potential customers etc.
> (also a biggie).

​bill wallace​

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