[ExI] Robot riding a motorcycle

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 10:15:29 UTC 2015

Yamaha's Robotic Biker Looks Like a Crime-Fighting Cyborg


This is an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot built around a
fusion of Yamaha’s motorcycle and robotics technology. R&D is
currently underway with the goal of developing the robot to ride an
unmodified motorcycle on a racetrack at more than 200 km/h. The task
of controlling the complex motions of a motorcycle at high speeds
requires a variety of control systems that must function with a high
degree of accuracy. We want to apply the fundamental technology and
know-how gained in the process of this challenge to the creation of
advanced rider safety and rider-support systems

They really should have dressed it in black leather though!

It is still at the early testing stage, with training wheels attached.

Next stage is to design a self-driving motorcycle without all the
mechanics that are designed for human control. No need for gear
levers, throttle, clutch and brake levers and cables or readable
instruments. Include self-driving logic from the car systems and all
systems are go!


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