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Thu Sep 3 00:12:58 UTC 2015

On Sep 2, 2015 3:48 PM, "scerir at alice.it" <scerir at alice.it> wrote:
> It is ok. I'm not saying there are physical "influences" between
> the entangled particles (timelike separated or spacelike separated).

You kind of are, though.

> Nonlocal quantum phenomena cannot be described with the notions
> of space and time. This means that there is no time ordering behind
> nonlocal correlations, so the causal order cannot be reduced to the
> temporal one. Quantum correlations somehow reveal dependence
> between the events, or logical order. Experiment shows that this
> dependence, or logical order, is beyond any real time ordering.

By stuff like this: you're saying that measuring one causes the other's

That doesn't seen to be what's happening.  Instead, it looks like their
states are independently caused by a common prior event.

This means there is no dependence.  That's why trying to describe the
dependence get messed up: it's like trying to describe a divide by zero
error as if it was a normal number.
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