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On 7 September 2015 at 17:08, Mike Dougherty  wrote:
>> Replace AI in this thread with a similarly disruptive technology: fire.
>>... Fire is inherently dangerous.
>> Fire is useful when wielded responsibly.
>> Fire is a dangerous weapon.

>...AI has motivations and objectives.
Chinese, Arab and USA AIs are likely to have very different objectives
designed into them.
So either one will rule over all, or there will be competition between AIs.

Ja.  It occurred to me we had the potential to weaponized drones for at
least several years.  I went to an expo at Lockheed.  One of the guys had
rigged up one of those cheapy Styrofoam electric kit planes with an ordinary
camera cell phone and somehow rigged it to fly from signals he was sending
the phone.  So instead of the usual radio signals the model plane crowd
uses, this one used cell phone towers and infrastructure.  He flew it from
his house, went up all around over the Bay Area, looked like he went up at
least 4 or 5kft, and a radius of perhaps 20 miles, had the photos to prove
it.  Everything there could be bought new for three digits, assuming you
used an old phone that would be retired anyway.

This was several yrs ago, but plenty of us realized at the time this is a
new day.  That same technology could be used to collect intelligence, check
the location of your livestock on the range, fly over the nudist colony,
find deer in your cornfield, watch illegals crossing the border at night,
deliver explosives to your wife's boyfriend or husband's girlfriend, hassle
birds, drop things on other things, track wolf packs, watch whatever you
want to watch from a safe distance, such as an unfaithful wife or volcano
getting ready to blow or already doing so, all with little or no risk of
being caught.

I haven't heard of them being used to do bad things.  Yet.


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