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I haven't heard of them being used to do bad things.  Yet

Murphy's law will still be going strong when Moore's law bites the dust.

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> On 7 September 2015 at 17:08, Mike Dougherty  wrote:
> >> Replace AI in this thread with a similarly disruptive technology: fire.
> >
> >>... Fire is inherently dangerous.
> >> Fire is useful when wielded responsibly.
> >> Fire is a dangerous weapon.
> ...
> >...AI has motivations and objectives.
> Chinese, Arab and USA AIs are likely to have very different objectives
> designed into them.
> So either one will rule over all, or there will be competition between AIs.
> BillK
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> Ja.  It occurred to me we had the potential to weaponized drones for at
> least several years.  I went to an expo at Lockheed.  One of the guys had
> rigged up one of those cheapy Styrofoam electric kit planes with an
> ordinary
> camera cell phone and somehow rigged it to fly from signals he was sending
> the phone.  So instead of the usual radio signals the model plane crowd
> uses, this one used cell phone towers and infrastructure.  He flew it from
> his house, went up all around over the Bay Area, looked like he went up at
> least 4 or 5kft, and a radius of perhaps 20 miles, had the photos to prove
> it.  Everything there could be bought new for three digits, assuming you
> used an old phone that would be retired anyway.
> This was several yrs ago, but plenty of us realized at the time this is a
> new day.  That same technology could be used to collect intelligence, check
> the location of your livestock on the range, fly over the nudist colony,
> find deer in your cornfield, watch illegals crossing the border at night,
> deliver explosives to your wife's boyfriend or husband's girlfriend, hassle
> birds, drop things on other things, track wolf packs, watch whatever you
> want to watch from a safe distance, such as an unfaithful wife or volcano
> getting ready to blow or already doing so, all with little or no risk of
> being caught.
> I haven't heard of them being used to do bad things.  Yet.
> spike
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