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On Sun, Sep 6, 2015 , Adrian Tymes <atymes at gmail.com> wrote:

>>> ​>> ​
>> You are entirely incorrect. ​Alain Aspect actually built the equivalent
>> of my boxes in 1982
> ​> ​
> No, he did an apparatus with photons.  That is not the equivalent of your
> boxes.

​And my boxes operated with photons,

​not that it matters; although his experiment would have been more
difficult, for ​
 not scientific reasons, Aspect would have gotten the same weird result if
he'd used electrons instead of photons, or atoms or buckyballs or
anything else that obeyed the laws of quantum mechanics, and as far as we
know EVERYTHING obeys the laws of ​
quantum mechanics
​. And Bell didn't use
quantum mechanics
​ to develop his inequality he just used logic, so ​
even if we someday find something better than
quantum mechanics
​ Bell's inequality would still be true if hidden variables exist, but
Aspect (and my boxes) show that
Bell's inequality
​ is not true therefore ​
hidden variables
​ don't exist.

  John K Clark​
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