[ExI] managing omnicidal maniacs

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Wed Sep 9 23:56:12 UTC 2015

On 2015-09-09 15:40, spike wrote:
> Anders, I would not include Edward Teller on your list, but he spent a 
> lot of time thinking about that topic.

He is an interesting case. Not desiring the end of the world, but quite 
willing to develop tools that made it more likely - and aware of it.

Adrian's point about suicidality is interesting. I think there is a 
difference between wanting to end one's life and ending humanity. The 
latter may not be seen as an escape, but as an eschatological 
completion, and hence appeal to a different kind of person.

It is interesting to note that there are philosophies that advocate 
extinction on moral grounds - that it is better not to exist or feel 
pain, or that the entities that matter morally are better off without 
humans around. These arguments, while rarely moving anybody to do 
anything, are not primarily suicidal.

Anders Sandberg
Future of Humanity Institute
Oxford Martin School
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