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On 2015-09-09 15:40, spike wrote:

>>.  Anders, I would not include Edward Teller on your list, but he spent a
lot of time thinking about that topic.  

>.He is an interesting case. Not desiring the end of the world, but quite
willing to develop tools that made it more likely - and aware of it.


In 2002, Teller published a book called Conversations on the Dark Secrets of
Physics.  He talks about the development of the H-bomb and how they thought
at the time that atomic bombs, while horrifying, were not sufficiently so to
prevent their use.  He already had two excellent data points at that time to
back his claim.  In the context of his world, MAD was sane.  That book is
very good, if one is into that sort of thing.  I note that of all the
scientists who thought their particular weapon would end unlimited war, it
was Teller who appears to have finally been right.


>.Adrian's point about suicidality is interesting. I think there is a
difference between wanting to end one's life and ending humanity. The latter
may not be seen as an escape, but as an eschatological completion, and hence
appeal to a different kind of person.


It is common for a suicidal person to want to slay someone else on their way
out, even a stranger, as in a ledge jumper.  

>.It is interesting to note that there are philosophies that advocate
extinction on moral grounds.  Anders Sandberg


We have in our world today what looks a lot like a religion with a branch or
subset espousing mass murder/suicide.  Tragic.





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