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>…The question is, which one of you engineers is gonna design a football helmet that cuts the CTE rate in half and make a cool billion?  

>…Liberal capitalism.



Helmet schmelmet.  What we need is robot football.  Oh that would be a hoot.  The rules would be simple: 11 bots on the field per side, just as in the usual game, self-contained (no external control), no wheels, weight restricted to 150kg (plenty of the humans in the game are that big now.  No need for referees on the field, for personal fouls are allowed, even if we need to think of a new name, considering there are no persons out there.

Oh that would be a cool game to watch.  I suspect we will have robot soccer long before robot (American) football, which is a really difficult engineering problem.

There might be a viable intermediate step where external control is allowed.  Another possible intermediate step, just figure out how to get robots to run, throw and catch.  We could do away with the carnage either side of the scrimmage line (again necessitating a new term when there is no carne involved (aluminage?))  We could imagine a transition period of humans vs robots in a no-tackle variant, where a robo-quarterback passes to robo-receivers and humans chase them, with a touch counting as a tackle, or even a human quarterback throwing to robo-receivers with robots chasing one and humans chasing the other.  Oh the possibilities, dear me.

Billions will be made, concussions prevented, people will be employed.  Every nation in the world can compete, from all those places where they don’t play American football today, and are unlikely to take it up, because it causes brain damage to the crazy fools who play it.



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