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Oops didn't mean to top post.  I swear I unchecked the quote box...


I absolve thee.  Go and sin no more.  Or if you sin more, sin below what the other guy wrote.

This brings to mind a question.  What if…  a priest is corrupt and has the hot bananas for one of his parishioners, and the parishioner kinda senses it but isn’t sure or wants to tease him along just a bit.  Confession time, goes into clinical detail on the matter he or she is confessing (For we know what most of that confession business must be) suspecting the priest is getting really hot under the Roman collar on the other side of that booth.  Sooner or later that priest will break and instead of saying “Go and sin no more” will utter something like “Stay and sin some more.”

But I digress.  Yes Will, bottom posting makes the archives easier to understand, and grok the flow of the discussion, even if one occasionally injects wild digressions.


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