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>>…What we need is robot football.


>…and allow for more aggressive and therefore more spectacular play…


  Oh my yes, that’s an important point.  Football appeals to the reptilian cortex, better than any other sport I know of outside the fighting games (which are even worse for cumulative damage to the participants.)  With robot football, we could have the players really smack each other, piece fly off, all that cool destructive fun, sort of a terrain acquisition form of  the popular robot wars.



>…In practice, you'd need a tech-minded sports promoter to seriously think through how to sell this; it would not be an easy challenge.


On the contrary sir, if we build it, they will come.  This sport will sell itself.  At this point any true sports innovation is popular.  Getting robots to do anything really human-like will have advertisers coming like a stampede.  We saw how far we need to go at the Robot Olympics.  Once we get them playing our sports, racing motorcycles, cooking meals, any of that, the proles will pay good money to see it, they will bet good money on the outcomes, they will buy software to try their hand at programming robots they don’t even own.  The next 20 years are foreseeable; the money to be made here, oh my, just thinking about it makes my butt hurt.  It’s a good hurt.



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