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> >…In practice, you'd need a tech-minded sports promoter to seriously
think through how to sell this; it would not be an easy challenge.
> On the contrary sir, if we build it, they will come.  This sport will
sell itself.  At this point any true sports innovation is popular.  Getting
robots to do anything really human-like will have advertisers coming like a

>From what I have seen, robot or drone sports do not yet have nearly the
mass market appeal of human-in-person sports.  Just ask the organizers of
any large robot event if they can draw nearly the same size crowd that an
average NFL/AFL/NBA/NHL/etc. game draws - or, more to the point, ask them
what they would need to draw such a large audience.

> The next 20 years are foreseeable; the money to be made here, oh my, just
thinking about it makes my butt hurt.  It’s a good hurt.

If you really think this is the case, I invite you to research and cite
sources, at least to the degree of a typical Wikipedia article.  I'd love
to be proven wrong here...and if you can do that, the same proof can be the
core of a business case you could take to venture capitalists to make it
actually happen.  (Of course, you would still need sports promoters: VCs
don't invest in an idea until after the proposer has assembled a competent
core team.)  At least, I am assuming you would not mind capturing some of
this wealth for yourself.
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