[ExI] The perfect steak recipe

Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 04:21:35 UTC 2015

Since we have been discussing taste here recently, let me share some
observations I made regarding steaks.

I had an elective aneurysm coiling procedure done a couple of weeks ago
(completely uneventful, with not a trace of damage to my brain and as far
as we can tell with obliteration of the aneurysm). As part of workup I had
a hemoglobin level checked and I noticed that I was mildly anemic. I have
been getting phlebotomized every 8 to 12 weeks for years to keep my iron
stores low and before the coiling I may have lost some blood due to the use
of antiplatelet agents, so the anemia is well explained.

Since the procedure I have noticed that steaks taste much better than
usual. The flavor is heavenly, and it is not just a transient jolt you get
with the first Dorito but a feeling of deep, lasting satisfaction.

There is a substantial body of research showing that animals and humans
modify their taste preferences depending on nutrient deficiencies. Goats on
low-phosphorus pasture will eat rat nests, since rat urine has phosphorus.
Malnourished children develop pica, the habit of eating soil, which may
contain large amounts of calcium and other elements. It is therefore
plausible that my transports of steak-related joy are an effect of
(intentionally produced) iron deficiency.

So here is my perfect steak recipe: Have a medical provider puncture your
veins every other month to lose a pint of blood. Once they say your
hemoglobin level is low and stays low, a sure sign of iron deficiency, go
to a Texas Roadhouse, or another cheap steakhouse and order a medium rare
ribeye, with blue cheese crumbles. Enjoy!
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