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> On 2015-09-22 06:21, Rafal Smigrodzki wrote:
>> So here is my perfect steak recipe: Have a medical provider puncture your
>> veins every other month to lose a pint of blood. Once they say your
>> hemoglobin level is low and stays low, a sure sign of iron deficiency, go
>> to a Texas Roadhouse, or another cheap steakhouse and order a medium rare
>> ribeye, with blue cheese crumbles. Enjoy!
> Yummy!
> I guess we could use this in a lot of other domains. I noted that beer
> (something I normally do not care much for) tastes amazing after a long,
> hot walk. Same thing for salty food, of course.
> As a neuroscientist I would of course go for whatever
> hypothalamus/brainstem receptors detect the iron, salt, whatever deficiency
> and add something that messes with them in the amuse-bouche. By the time
> the main course comes along, we will be craving it (and not just because
> the kitchen is slow).
> --
> Anders Sandberg
> Future of Humanity Institute
> Oxford Martin School
> Oxford University
> *​Many years ago a study was done with toddlers able to feed themselves.
> The control group was fed by hand a standard diet.  The experimental group
> fed themselves from a variety of selections on their table which, if
> carefully done, would provide a balanced diet.*

​After the exp. period ended it was discovered that the feed-themselves
group was healthier.  Although some went on jags of eating this and
ignoring that, no serious deficiencies built up before the kid starting
selecting foods that would​

​provide the proper nutrients.

So their brains knew what nutrients were needed and the tastes told the
brains what was in the food that would eliminate any deficiency in those
nutrients.  Another good example of being controlled by our unconscious

Of course one key is that only good foods were available - no junk
sugary/salty things.  Apparently the strong desire for fat, sugar, and salt
(three of the four main diet groups for teens and college students, the
other being caffeine) can override our tendency to pick a balanced diet.

bill w​

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