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Here's where the Japanese are now:


Apparently they decided to skip over tripedal locomotion and go on ahead to
tackle the thorny control problems associated with dynamic motion.  Asimo is
looking pretty good.



OK that notion of droids playing football might have been a bit too
ambitious for now, but check out what we could do with now-tech.  If we drop
the biped and triped notions and let the players be quads, then we can use
current technology.  We could mount a couple of these:


On the back of one of these:


Then we are ready to play robo-football.  We could have the ro-bowl at the
new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

Yesterday it occurred to me that it would be easier to play offense than
defense, unless we modify the rules a bit.  The tackler wouldn't need to
hurl arm-dog to the turf but rather only catch him and pull him to a stop,
for instance.  If we find the offense still has too much advantage, we could
come up with another variant where the defender only needs to touch the dog
with the ball to end the play.

That game would be a hoot!


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