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>>>…Pepper the robot's contract bans users from having sex with it.


…-- Anders Sandberg


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>…Who will pay any attention to such silly contracts?  If I buy a computer and the contract says it can't be used to play my favorite game or program in my favorite language or even to post to a group like this I would completely ignore it.   If they limit their bot by law so people don't make enhancements to it and sell those in the sexual arena then they just encourage such sexbot entrepreneurs choosing another platform.

Samantha Adkins!  Where the heck have ya been?  Welcome back.

>…In a free society no one can successfully much less ethically prohibit anyone from doing anything that does not initiate force harming the freedom of others.   The control freaks can mouth off all they want and rational people will as much as possible ignore them. 


Eh, it was market-speak.  They sat around in the boardroom trying to figure out how to sell the emote-bot.  The new kid said “I know!  We put out a prohibition against shagging the thing!  Then the news agencies hear of it, print it because it is weird, the population reads and says ‘HEY cool!  We can shag the thing?  Where do I buy one?’  We get all the free advertising.”


It worked.  That new kid is probably assistant director of marketing at that company now.  Other marketing companies will learn that trick, and will put out humanoid robots with prohibitions against shagging them.





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