[ExI] Cosmopolitanism, collective epistemology and other issues

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On Aug 4, 2016 12:25 PM, "Anders" <anders at aleph.se <mailto:anders at aleph.se> > wrote:
>>… Here is an interesting article by Jonathan Haidt synthesizing sociology…
> The essay has some interesting suggestions for tagging down the debate, basically calling for a reframing of multiculturalism.

>…I wonder if calls for immigrants to respect our laws more - and opening a "work to earn your visa", where an unlimited number of immigrants could do extra labor helping pay for their assimilation which labor would also demonstrate their assimilation - might help reduce fears of immigrants…

Ja, but how does that notion do in an era where there is less need for labor?  The classic California example is immigrants from Mexico doing lawn work.  But in the recent drought, plenty of people took out their lawns, with no plans to put them back when it starts raining again (water rates went way up, and they will never come back down.)  If minimum wage goes up, as it probably will, many more low-end jobs will be automated.  Then what do immigrants do?

>…Even if we respect others' way of living, everyone must obey the same laws.  (Thus the attempts to use laws to legislate inappropriate things.  Shift energy away from that and toward enforcing existing laws.  For example, more enforcement of rape laws means less cases where abortion is even considered.)

I am watching how Europe will deal with their immigrant neighborhoods.  Here in the USA we are already getting zones in which the police can’t go.  What happens to enforcement in those areas?


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