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…We could send an important message to the world by digitally uncircumcising him (or is it decircumcising?)…  




​>…Now who would want a gentile David?...




It would be a valuable lesson to Jews: you don’t need to cut away healthy flesh to be in the club.  Those who would claim to be carriers of ethical values could lead out by refusing to make irreversible and dubious decisions for their infants based on tradition, which itself was based on enabling of mass murder (convince the local tribe to circumcise the men, then come back a couple days later and slay them all.)



>…I think it would be a great idea to have something like you describe for home use…


Depending on the accuracy needed, the setup need not be out of reach for home use.  I used to have a theodolite I picked up used on eBay for 58 bucks.


>…  I'd love to play with wood in a way that my back won't let me do now.  I guess lasers are just too expensive.​  bill w​


OK let us ponder then.  Suppose we have a theodolite with twin lasers, some kind of homebrew arrangement, so that we can create a 3D file of an art object, and we place it on a turntable of some sort, so that we can turn it a milliradian, measure a distance, turn, measure, repeat until we go full circle, raise it a millimeter, repeat, let it run until we get the file.  


Now we take a wood pillar, set it on the same turntable, mount surgical lasers, have them burn away the surface of the wood in such a way that there is little penetration, a pulse for instance that would vaporize the top tenth of a mm in a spot a mm in diameter.  Turn, repeat, until a wooden David emerges.  Never a human hand touches the work.  Once that file is made, we can burn arbitrarily many Davids, scale them, surgically restore his manhood and so on.  Good thinking BillW!











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