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Now we take a wood pillar, set it on the same turntable, mount surgical
lasers, have them burn away the surface of the wood . spike

>.I think mechanical milling is easier than laser milling. CNC laser cutting
is really mature and powerful (my brother got himself one, I am so envious).
One can put the laser on a robot too, but it is still just doing 3D cutting:
The problem is that vaporizing surface material on a macroscopic 3D object
appears fairly nonlinear (especially wood!) so there will be effects on
underlying material too. Still, the more that can be done solid state, the

Sculpture spam, anyone?

Dr Anders Sandberg
If we use a turntable and go the wood route (for low cost) I am thinking of
several possibilities.  First stage would be done with something like an
ordinary lathe.  That part would be cheap and fast.  To get close to the
final shape, we could use a combination of horizontal and vertical spinning
blades.  We could get it to within about a cm of the final surface.  Then we
could do the next stage with Dremel tools, drills and such.  Perhaps we
could do vapor-deposition coating to simulate marble with a kind of
hologram-ish surface.
It might be possible to use marble in a multi-stage all-abrasive automated
David-maker, but wood is cheaper and easier to machine.  
The original scupture is 5.2 meters.  We should go for at least 7, then set
a production run goal at about 20 a week for the first thousand units.
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